About Diabetes Connekt

Diabetes Connekt is an online platform for health professionals in Australia who deliver and teach or are aspiring to deliver and teach diabetes education and care. The platform allows you to connect, share information and knowledge, and learn.

The mission of Diabetes Connekt is to:

  • encourage connection and peer support among the health workforce and health professionals delivering diabetes education and care,
  • promote consistency in diabetes care across Australia,
  • provide access to the Capability Framework for Diabetes Care and serve as a reference point for teaching diabetes care,
  • encourage and provide access to deliberate practice, including access to mentoring and case study discussion,
  • provide access to relevant evidence-based resources, and
  • enable the Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA) to connect with and hear from members, university course coordinators, and educators on important issues.


Diabetes Connekt was developed in a partnership between ADEA and Dr Giuliana Murfet (PhD MSc (Diabetes) MNg (Nurse Practitioner) CDE FADEA), author of the Capability Framework for Diabetes Care.

ADEA is the national peak body for diabetes education, management and care in Australia and the regulatory body for the Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE®) certification. ADEA members are healthcare professionals who are committed to providing evidence-based best practice diabetes education.

The Capability Framework for Diabetes Care

The Capability Framework for Diabetes Care is a core element of Diabetes Connekt. It was developed to increase nursing and midwifery, Indigenous and allied health workforce capacity for diabetes care and to provide consistency in training by setting the minimum expected level of training for all practice levels in diabetes care. Evidence shows that increasing and strengthening connections and connectedness among healthcare workers delivering diabetes care is crucial for better diabetes care.

Furthermore, evidence suggests that diabetes educators should access deliberate practice, including focused mentoring and case study discussion throughout their careers, to maintain expertise, and importantly, consistency in practice that can promote consumer engagement and lead to better health outcomes for people with diabetes.

Who can join Diabetes Connekt?

Diabetes Connekt is open to ALL health professionals, including:

  • Health professionals at the beginning of their career or who are soon to graduate
  • Members of ADEA who have specialist knowledge and diabetes education and care
  • Credentialled Diabetes Educators/ Diabetes educators
  • University course coordinators and educators who educate health students in diabetes care and education
  • Students who study to become a diabetes educator
  • Health professionals who participate in and are interested in diabetes care

    ADEA members can access the:

    Health professionals who are not ADEA members can access the:

    University course coordinators and educators can access the:

    How to join Diabetes Connekt

    If you are an ADEA member, health professional or university course coordinator, you can join Diabetes Connekt here (link to sign on page when available)
    - If you are an ADEA member, you can use the same username and password for the ADEA website to log in
    - If you are not an ADEA member, please follow the link to create a Diabetes Connekt profile and unique login details

    Learn more about ADEA

    If you would like to find out more about ADEA or how to become a member of ADEA, please visit the ADEA website.